Course Description

Welcome to Mr. Goulding’s Eighth Grade U.S. History class. You will have an opportunity to study the most crucial part of our nation’s history. We will discuss the earliest Americans through the completion of the American Civil War and the subsequent reconstruction. At the end of the course you will be able to:

Interpret the role of geography in shaping the history of the United States
Understand the how early history affects our lives in the present day.
Recognize the changes caused by European exploration in the Americas.
Understand with European colonization and settlement of North America.
Appreciate the significance of the American Revolution in the development of the United States.
Have a working knowledge of the structure and function of the United States government established by the Constitution.
Discuss the territorial growth of the United States before the Civil War.
Examine the expansion of the political system and social rights before the Civil War.
Understand the significance of the Civil War Era to the United States.
Have an awareness of the development of the American West following the Civil War.

Materials Needed

Index Cards
Three Ring Binder (US History Only)
Notebook Paper


Major Projects20%

Understand no overdue assignments or projects will be accepted after the week before mid-term and end of quarter.
All over-due assignments will earn a grade no greater than 70%.

Classroom Rules

Appropriate behavior translates to maturity. You can expect respect from your classmates in my classroom and to never be publicly embarrassed. I expect you to respect others and never embarrass anyone in the class. All classroom rules and disciplinary action are concurrent with Desert Hills Middle School’s student manual.

The following rules are expected in the classroom:
If you have a question or comment, raise your hand.
One person talks in the classroom at a time unless otherwise instructed.
Keep all school and personal property clean and in order.
Be early to class.
Understand the transition from silly to serious. (Peace)

Let’s not go this route:
Rule Violations
1st - Verbal Warning
2nd – Sign the Black Book
3rd – Conference with parents
4th – Involve Administration


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